Water and Sand

I must admit that our “48 pizzas” resolution has fallen by the wayside as we’ve embarked on a bit of a healthy lifestyle change but come May 23rd, we would be 24 Pizzas into our 4-year tenure.

Looking back, the decision to join the dark side was a fairly easy one for Nige. After years of dealing with domestic violence and/or alcohol and drug-related events, he was glad and even looking forward to moving on but for me, it wasn’t so easy. As much as I loved the bush, I balked at the length of tenure – a year and a half longer than the other two tenures.

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After a very relaxing holiday catching up with friends and family with the odd glass or four on the balcony we’re back in sunny Ivanhoe. By the way, while the sign says that the population is 350, we reckon that must include all the outlying stations …. and then some.

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