Mistakes Happen

Murphy’s Law seems to have followed us from house to house for as long as we can remember, with events ranging from the insignificant:  there’s no bed in your hospital room and the student nurse tells you that you’re her second admission (ever!) and then proceeds to write the wrong information on your chart – to the mildly worrying: a fierce storm rips up sections of the highway and blows it away like pieces of paper, leaving you contemplating how to get past the roadblock in order to commence work that day – to the ridiculous: Kaye’s name gets taken off the electoral roll for “sedition and treason” (not a good look for a polling place manager!). Continue reading “Mistakes Happen”

What about the Project?

It’s been a few months since we re-settled in Paradise  and after making good use of Gumtree to rid our house of excess furniture, crockery, cutlery etc it soon felt as if we’ d never left.

Still, there are always fond memories of people and places that won’t be forgotten and we feel richer for the whole experience.

The Cenotaph has been constructed and with the extra funding from the  second successful grant application, the fence, honour boards and display cabinets have completed the project. While I was disappointed that we couldn’t make the inaugural ANZAC Day ceremony, it was an honour to  be involved in securing the funds that will ensure that the WWI service personnel of  Enngonia and surrounds will not be forgotten. Here are some photos of the Cenotaph as it’s evolved.