Murphy’s Law

So it occurred to me that someone might be wondering whether I survived our escape from the ‘bubble’ or whether my worst fears were realised – especially with our motto of “If it can go wrong it will”.

Well it seems that Murphy was sleeping on the job this time, because the trip was surprisingly uneventful…… no overheating, no dust storms, no more battery problems….. perhaps he figured he’d caused enough calamity and felt sorry for us. Whatever his motives, the trip was entirely unremarkable….. well if you don’t count driving to the coast in two separate vehicles.

I’m pleased to say that this little princess pumped up, overcame her anxiety and actually enjoyed catching up with friends and family again. Mind you, I did a fair bit of ducking and weaving to avoid other customers in shopping centres and I must admit that I wasn’t anywhere near ready for any hugging and kissing (friends and family – not other shoppers) but overall we managed to abide by the social distancing regime and everything went well.

As I’ve said before, each trip to Paradise comes with a price…. or more precisely, with a list of chores – clean the dishwasher, sort the kitchen cupboards and drawer contents, pruning, weeding, cobwebs, change to winter bedding, check the pool pump, air conditioners, BBQ bottle, batteries, TV remotes bla bla bla – and, unfortunately, we simply ran out of time.

I’d like to say it was too many parties and catch-ups but, to be honest I’m more of a “let’s paint the house” rather than “let’s go out for dinner” kind of gal……. much to Nigel’s chagrin.

So what to do, when you realise that you’re not going to be able to catch up with everyone you wanted to see? The answer was pretty obvious – bring them home with you!

When the get-togethers and happy hours were cut short, it made perfect sense to simply continue the party ‘down the road’ so last week, a few days and a few hundred kilometres later, we were all happily settled in with more happy hours, food extravaganzas, as well as fire pits and Aboriginal Art bush walks only this time we were in Cobar!

And while I’m rubbing it in, Murphy, I’m happy to report that we’ve unwittingly avoided a disaster of a different sort because three days after fare-welling the last of the Paradise crew Nigel has been seconded to leave on Sunday for a week of enforcing state border restrictions (think 5am starts and zero degree temperatures).

Bad enough his partner is on holidays sipping Pina Coladas somewhere this side of the Queensland border while Nigel travels more than 700 kms to somewhere this side of the Victorian border. Imagine if that had happened last week!

As I write this, I’m saddened by the plight of so many Melbournians, who’ve obeyed all the restrictions but now find themselves in an awful second lock down. It really does seem like good luck rather than good management, as to which state wins and which one loses this fight to avoid a second spike. For those of faith, let’s pray there’s a cure or, at the very least a vaccine very soon.

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