Beary had a little Lamb

While it seemed that Summer had started in August – complete with high temperatures and snakes, we’ve now gone back to milder conditions – complete with low temperatures and snakes – as well as all things Spring.

This includes the recent and unexpected birth of twin lambs, Whipper and Snipper about a week ago. Apparently Harley was gelded rather late and, while we did sometimes wonder at the full udder and even contemplated a false pregnancy, neither of us seriously considered that Rose might, in fact, be pregnant. So it was a bit of a shock when Nigel walked out into the yard last week to discover two tiny black-headed Dorpers.

Sadly, Snipper only survived for a couple of days but Whipper seems to be going strong. I guess only time will tell.

Strangely, the Bear who has always been somewhat of a snob when it came to ‘lesser’ animals, is absolutely delighted with the addition and is constantly following Whipper around the yard, tail-wagging and smiling. In fact, despite Rose’s glares of protest, he has even taken it on himself to stand guard when Mum is busy.

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