Off to Europe

On Wednesday after Nigel finishes work, we’ll be out of Ivanhoe and on our way to cooler pastures (aka anywhere else on the planet) in France and Germany where the average temperature is around 3 degrees at the moment. First stop is Cowra Caravan Park (, which at just over 6 hours ‘down the road’ and, even knocking off work early (thanks to a brilliant roster clerk), is still quite a tiring drive. We’ve stayed here overnight so many times that the park managers treat us like old friends – leaving our cabin porch light on and, in winter, the heater and electric blanket too.

Then over the Blue Mountains and up to the Mid North Coast – Yes, I know – hardly on the way to the airport but we’re going to stay overnight at Paradise and, for the third time in as many months we’ll be attempting to get our internet service up and running… for good!

For those of you, who managed not to fall asleep while reading our news and blues email, our telco problems are still ‘ongoing’. And while the bank did agree to honour our original interest rate, despite numerous phone calls it’s been 6 weeks and there’s still no such promised confirmation in writing.

And as far as we know, Darryl still hasn’t finished off the sliding door flashing at Paradise. So it seems that, apart from the office of State Revenue, who have finally reduced my land tax bill from $3,000 to $300, my gloating about recent victories may have been premature.

After a catch up night with our great friends at Paradise and then a couple of nights with Nigel’s parents (who’ll be spoiling the Bear for 3 weeks while we’re away) we fly to Paris on the 8th of November.

The following week we’re off to Plauen, Germany to catch up with Jeremy and stay in his new apartment for almost a week – with Steve, who’ll be there at the same time. Then it’s off to Singapore for a couple of days before returning to Oz on the 26th of November and spending two more weeks ‘recuperating’ at Paradise Beach.

All in all, apart from needing a new computer video card (“Have we printed all the e-tickets?”) and Nigel’s new boots for Europe being misdirected back to the seller in America, things are definitely looking up………up….and away!


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