Convoy delivers Hay to Bourke

After five weeks’ holiday we’re home from Singapore and the coast and while Nigel has settled into all things ‘law and order’, I’ve been sifting through the mountain of paperwork and receipts that I’ve saved for our tax returns. Meanwhile, the Bear is playing “Who’s the Boss?” with Harley and Whipper so it’s fairly safe to say that life has returned to normal. However, while we were away, something happened that was so inspiring I had to share it with you.

While Bourke has been struggling with severe drought, other farming areas have enjoyed quite a good season and in a spirit of true mateship, Western Australian Sam Starcevich (Farmers Across Borders) and Riverina based electrician Brendan Farrell (Burrumbuttock Hay Runners) decided to do something to help.

What followed was perhaps the biggest hay donation in Australia’s history and on Friday the 4th of April, 2014, 52 trucks and 78 trailers rolled into Bourke where the hay was delivered to North Bourke packing yards, to be distributed to graziers in the Bourke region. The convoy carried 920 bales of hay and stretched nearly 5 kilometres.

abc news

Hay from WA

The Burrumbuttock Hay Runners call themselves “just a bunch of blokes trying to help out a fellow Aussie in times of hardship”. I reckon that pretty much sums up the true Aussie spirit!

PS Fast forward two years later to March 2016 and I had to include this link. This video was so inspiring it made me cry. What a great country we live in!



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