Time to say Farewell….. again

Just in case there’s anyone that Nigel hasn’t contacted this afternoon, I can finally announce that his transfer is about to be processed.

The officer that he’ll replace has been given his LDS (Last day of service) as the 30th of March, which means that Nigel’s transfer should happen in either late April (after Easter) or possibly May. Time to start the inventory!

Have you ever tried to do an accurate estimation of how many cardboard moving boxes and wardrobes (Yes…. cardboard wardrobes) would be required to transport a houseful of food, furniture, clothes, crockery, cutlery, tools, yard equipment and bric a brac from one side of the state to the other?

Well, the first 2 or 3 times may have been daunting but this (sixth) time will hopefully be a piece of cake.

Once HR notifies us of the date and the removals tender has been chosen, I’ll start  the liaising process while selling off unwanted furniture, completing change of address forms, notifying medical and dental services (Cobar Primary Health actually transfers all your records to your thumb drive) and perhaps celebrating with a wine or three.

All I can say is…. Bring it on!!!!!!

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