Three Steps Forward

After a fun week with friends and neighbours, enjoying the cool nor-easterlies at Paradise, we’ve returned to life on the sun – or so it feels.

Our punishment for a week away is dead grass, dead shrubs, melted candles and continual temperatures in the 40s. All my hard work weeding, watering and sprucing up the yards and getting up early during water restrictions  has, alas, been undone!

According to the Cobar Weekly, just six days this month have had a top temperature below 40 , with the last 10 days straight climbing above 40 degrees and the forecast for the next week showing more of the same.

Last Thursday, while we were (thankfully) away, Cobar reached 46.8 degrees – just short of the all-time heat record of 47 degrees!

But it hasn’t been all bad and today, with Bowie’s blessing (after a quick walk in the park) we left him in air-conditioned (think swamp cooler) comfort and escaped to the local pool, which has been offering free admission during the heatwave. Surprisingly, we were the only ones in the water!

……… and lastly, a big Congratulations to Callum, whose photo was chosen to grace the February covers of Hallidays Point News of Our World.


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