The Christmas Spirit

Now that we’ve bought Mr Bishi, complete with tow bar for our shiny new camper trailer, we’re currently trying to sell the black Nissan and ‘move on’ and, of course, ebay really isn’t an option when you live hundreds of kilometres away from the rest of civilisation. Enter Cobar Buy Sell Swap.

Last week I came across a couple of posts on this sites, which I thought deserved a mention.

The first post offered to share Christmas with anyone alone in Cobar.








And this post advertised free bags of lollies on Christmas Eve.















What was also amazing was that rather than cynical replies like “Are you mad?” the comments were all along the lines of “good on you” and “that’s a lovely gesture!”

Welcome to Cobar.

Another act of kindness occurred on Christmas Eve when I was out the back hanging out the washing (BTW when it’s really hot in Cobar , by the time you’ve finished hanging out the washing, the first items of clothing are usually dry and ready to take back down). I heard someone calling me from out the front and discovered Bowie jumping up at the gate to welcome postie ‘Wizzy’.

Cobar’s posties are all ladies – wearing yellow vests and riding postie bikes and Bowie will tell you that they’re actually there to give him his treats. No matter where he is, as soon as he hears the bike, he’s out the front and waiting at the gate for his regular dog biscuits .

This time, it was a lovely surprise to discover that there was no mail for us but she had stopped in to deliver a Christmas present, complete with Christmas card for Bowie.

Apparently Paradise Beach isn’t the only town with beautiful neighbours and residents. It seems we’ve been twice blessed.



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