Do not Reply. Your patrol will be with you in approximately 30 minutes

For most of the last 3 months and with the threat of Covid-19 hanging in the air, I’ve been hunkered down while Nigel has worked, done the grocery shopping and pretty much taken care of any chores outside the confines of our little house in the desert. In fact, since we returned from our last trip in March I think I’ve left the house maybe 3 times.

Now that travel restrictions have been relaxed, I find myself mildly panicking.

While the world has been dealing with first and second waves, Cobar has escaped unscathed – no virus here – and the anticipated arrival of grey nomads for the mandatory winter caravan trip has caused somewhat of a crisis of confidence. My safe, tiny bubble is about to burst.

Of course, none of this will elicit any sympathy from readers, who’ve been juggling loss of employment and/or income or accommodation for quite a while now….. not to mention home schooling. It’s time to put on my big girl pants!

And what is our solution to being forced to join the rest of the planet? We’re heading back to Paradise for a week….. and hoping there’s no second wave.

Now while I’ve been isolating, in accordance with Doctor Mike’s (my brother) instructions both the ute and Elvis have also sat languishing in their new role as carport decorations, prompting Nigel to run a last minute test on the ute. Unfortunately, there was no way he could start it so while he went off to work, I was tasked with booking an appointment with our friendly NRMA rep. Half an hour and a new battery later, problem solved!

Now experience has taught us that once one car breaks, the other one will go out in sympathy so, with that in mind and while the NRMA rep was still here I figured I’d see whether Elvis was in the same “can’t really be bothered working today” mood but luckily all was fine. Apparently, had Elvis chosen not to start, I would have had to book another appointment with said NRMA rep, who was standing right next to me, to come back and fix it later.

Today, suspicious of the unlikely ‘all’s well that ends well’ scenario, in which we found ourselves, I decided to push our luck with one more test and, of course, the battery was dead – strangely satisfying in an “I knew it!” sort of way.

Enter friendly NRMA rep number two and Elvis is now also sporting a bright, shiny, new battery.

If I were superstitious, I might think that someone is trying to tell us something…………. I guess time will tell.

And I’ll leave you with one of my favourite Facebook “home-schooling” posts.

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