Jaded or Joyful?

As 2022 winds down, the prospect of celebrating another Christmas away from friends and family is beginning to weigh heavily. It’s not that we don’t like Cobar. In fact, with the exception of bindis, blowflies and summer heat we’ve totally enjoyed our time here. The town is genuinely welcoming and, in typical bush fashion, people go out of their way for each other……. even complete strangers! Plus, there’s the holiday rent, which obviously can’t be sneezed at – especially with recent interest rate increases.

But home really is where the heart is and after completing almost four and a half years of the four year tenure we’re more than ready to move back to the coast.

I must admit it’s sometimes hard to stay positive in the face of events and decisions outside our control. But this morning reminded me that happiness is about choices and, according to my mentor of sorts – Charles Swindoll – I have a choice between being jaded or joyful. Out of the blue (Yes, it’s finally stopped raining) a surprise gift was couriered to our doorstep, with a card that said, “Welcome to Police Bank……, Janet”.

So today I choose joyful, with a huge thank you to our new bank relationship manager, Janet Knight, who helped us navigate the intricacies of refinancing our loan to Police Bank – with a fixed interest rate that literally no one, including our existing bank, could match……. And if you know me at all, you’ll know I did the research!!

2 thoughts on “Jaded or Joyful?”

  1. I can relate, we were in Enngonia after you, and now in Forster, can’t wait to meet you when you come home. Please contact me when you get back!
    I think a coffee or wine 🍷 will go down well and when your very well deserved transfer comes through! All the best , stay strong, your post helped me through our post at Enngonia! You can do this! See you on the other side!
    Trish Wilson


    1. Thanks Trish. I think we “talked” once before, when you were at Enngonia. This last tenure certainly hasn’t worked out the way it was supposed to but hopefully Nigel will get the next position that comes up and we’ll be back home early next year. I’m looking forward to that chat. Cheers, Kaye


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