About Me

Nine things you probably didn’t really care to know about me…….

  • I love doing cryptic crosswords but I rarely allow myself time to do them. I could apply that statement to other things….. like when I go crazy and decide to order a 6 months magazine subscription. Then when they arrive I’m always too busy to read them so they mount up on the side table until eventually they get added to my “To do” list and suddenly reading magazines has become a chore that I have to be reminded to do. I am seriously insane!
  • I analyse everything…… “Why did Nigel say that?” “Why did I do that? Why did they react that way?” Luckily Nigel is very, very patient and after allowing me to vent/panic out loud we move on.
  • When people “in authority” tell me to do something I do it …. No questions asked. It’s like walking into a bank with big black and white floor tiles. A sign at the door says that the black tiles have recently been painted and can we please walk on the white tiles. Other generations might respond with “WTF!!!” but I’d happily hop from white tile to white tile to get to the counter.
  • I agree with everyone. This must be one of my most annoying traits but if I’m watching Q&A and one of the panel is presenting a brilliant, cohesive argument I can be totally won over – until the next speaker presents an equally convincing opposing argument.
  • I trust almost everyone. Now this one I have actually managed to master, at least when it comes to children – you kind of have to as a parent…. or teacher. Still, when adults say something then it has to be true. Doesn’t it? As Nigel would say, thank goodness she’s not a cop.
  • I think of witty, clever answers AFTER the argument – usually when I’m lying in bed stewing instead of sleeping.
  • I’m hopeless at any kind of throwing sport. Ex hubby will attest to this – I once raced into the house, grabbed the car keys and quickly threw them to him because he was in a hurry. Twenty minutes later, he had come down from the roof and returned the ladder to the shed before driving off.
  • I prioritise absolutely everything backwards so that the To Do list starts with a car service and ends with making an appointment for those cramps that I’ve had in my leg for months.
  • Despite the naiveté, paranoia and other not so endearing traits I am happy to say that Nigel loves me so I must have some good qualities…. right?