Happy February!

I must admit that my New Year’s resolution (No “Woe is me!” in 23) was slightly tattered around the edges after seeing our latest Escapia stats.

To be honest, it wasn’t all that unexpected when our property manager asked to pull the pin on the Stayz advertising. With no certainty that bookings will be honoured if the removalists come knocking, “I’m so sorry…. I’ll have to check with the owners”, was wearing a bit thin.

So, what was our solution to losing potential holiday bookings? We booked it ourselves! Last Sunday we returned from 5 weeks of sun, sand and surf in Paradise. That’s actually the longest we’ve spent back home since leaving in May 2018 for the 4-year tenure.

Of course, at $400 per night there were mixed feelings – it was hard to decide whether we were paupers or princes – but it definitely buoyed our flagging spirits. We caught up with family and friends, walked on the beach, consumed copious amounts of prawns and wine, all the while avoiding the stifling humidity of a wet Cobar.

On our return and thanks to our beautiful neighbours, the yards were  unusually still alive. In fact it seems the only things not to survive our absence were the clothes pegs, which spectacularly and punishingly snapped as I tried to hang the first load of washing.

After five weeks on such a high note, it would be fitting to report that we have exciting news ….. that Nigel finally has a date for his transfer back to Forster…….. that the powers in charge have realised their mistake, apologised and sent flowers and chocolates….. whoever said, ‘No news is good news’???!!

Instead, we have 4 days of unpacking, washing, mowing, weeding, replenishing clothes pegs ……………and re-packing …… before returning to the coast for my 6 monthly cancerversary.

I know I know, but we were supposed to be living there.

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