Back from South Oz

Living in Ivanhoe allows us to travel interstate to Victoria with relative ease but recently we managed a quick trip (3 days) to South Australia. As well as the city, we visited the Barossa Valley and the Adelaide Hills with their tiny villages (Hahndorf was spectacular despite the rain) and a few beach suburbs including Victor Harbour on the Fleurieu Peninsula.

And we made sure that the Bear visited at least a couple of parks a day to impress the locals (dogs) with his tennis ball skills (chasing not hitting). We traversed Adelaide about 3 times trying to find a seafood outlet for the mandatory prawn lunch because surprisingly, the Fishermen’s Wharf at Port Adelaide doesn’t seem to sell seafood.

P1010528All in all it was a great holiday……up until the early morning of the last day. With no roof over the deck, heavy rain saw a very wet Bear pressed up against the window of our cabin. So, at about 3.30am and as only dog lovers will relate, we packed up and left. Thanks to the early departure (complete with hurried note to the Park owners) we were able to see a spectacular sunrise on the way home.

SunriseSpeaking of packing, we’re about to take off to Paradise Beach for a ‘frantic’ bit of R and R from Wed to Sun next week – the suitcases didn’t even get unpacked! On the way, we’ll be picking up a sofa bed on the Central Coast (as you do) and catching up with Nigel’s parents as well as my good friend Sharyn, who’s dropping in.

It will be a good break from the third and final ‘Ivanhoe Past and Present’. As a Thank you to all the locals, who kept bringing me photos and buoyed by the success of the ‘Back to Ivanhoe’ DVD I’ve promised to do one last edition.

Actually, make that one ‘second last’ edition because I’ve also promised the new warden that I’ll do a special edition, which includes past and present photos of Corrective Services Commissioners, Deputy Commissioners and other staff for a presentation evening at the gaol. But that one won’t be available to the general public.

Yesterday was the Ivanhoe chapter (not sure if that’s the right word) of the Campdraft and I’m pleased to say that we now understand (kind of) what the horse and rider are doing!

PS  We can now add Renmark to our list of possible shopping destinations. But don’t forget the shopping bags!


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