Fifty Shades of Green

It’s always exciting when it rains. And not just for the farmers, livestock, flora and fauna!

Rain means that I can skip my allocated “odd” day and stay inside. Heavy downfalls mean that I can skip a week of “odd days”, lounging in front of the heater with a glass of Bubbly instead of throwing a filthy half-eaten tennis ball to an obsessed doggo in the freezing cold, hose in hand (my hand, not the doggo’s).

Even more exciting, the recent announcement by mayor Lilliane that, come the 1st of June, water restrictions will be lifted, (not that I need to water every day – in fact I’d prefer it if we kept the odds and evens permanently) means that I can now finish watering in daylight hours.

On a less selfish level, rain seems to produce the most beautiful array of every imaginable shade of green, making for very picturesque yards and gardens literally overnight.

Unfortunately, all that’s green isn’t necessarily good and a closer look reveals a myriad of weeds, which also seem to appear overnight. To date each appearance has motivated me to attack them with relish…. plus a mattock. But after two years, the obsession to rid the lawn of all things noxious is waning and I find myself dreaming of concrete paths and driveways. Apparently the seeds can last up to 7 years so thank goodness we only have two more years to go!

Considering the state of the yards when we first arrived, this type of obsessive behaviour might seem strange, remembering that we’ve also spent hundreds of dollars on sleepers, grass seed, mulch, river stones and top soil……… and it’s a rental property.

But when the yards are all flowery and green and you can walk bare-footed, everything just seems right with the world…… in spite of the Corona virus.

Take care and stay safe.

PS these 3 photos are just to prove that we don’t only grow weeds…… at least until summer comes around.

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