Welcome to Winter

It seems that the southern hemisphere has decided to skip the usual pleasantries of an Autumn’s day and go straight to winter. One sure sign of an impending cold spell has been the sight of Gary Gecko (I know I know….. how on earth did he get here from Enngonia??)  who has taken refuge in our laundry where apparently it’s much warmer behind the freezer.


Another sure sign was the garbage bin with its ice-covered lid  – at 7.30 in the morning!

So here I sit, fingerless gloves wrapped around a hot coffee mug, typing somewhat slowly as my split fingertips remind me that the cold season has well and truly arrived.

To be honest, it’s not just winter that has caused the dry skin and painful cracks (apparently known as xerosis) but ageing exacerbates the problem because my skin doesn’t produce as much oil as it used to. Yet another fun fact about getting old! But enough of this glass half empty attitude!

Winter is also a reason to celebrate – starting with my birthday in June (Did we guess that I was a Gemini?) and the compulsory trip to catch up with friends in Paradise and then, back in Cobar, the usual mandatory spate of fire pits with a glass or three

plus the most inspiring sunsets short of the Aurora Borealis

………….and perhaps even a visit from Number one grandson, who may just be joining us for the July holidays.

Lots of reasons to celebrate!

So Happy Winter to all and to our good friends in Paradise, see you at the Sicilian! And to Nigel’s dad who is obviously addicted to hospital food, lots of good thoughts and prayers for the operation on Thursday.

Some cop humour to finish up………

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