Ain’t Gonna study Law no more

Okay, sorry but that was the best I could come up with and Yes, I realise  that the heading isn’t all that catchy or totally apt but Nigel is at work and, to be honest, he’s my ‘go to’ person when I’m lacking inspiration for something clever – hence “Twelve degrees of separation”, which was a lot better than all of my suggestions at the time.

It occurs to me that I never got back to you regarding the final week of exams.

I’m happy to report that the last week of Highway Patrol training EVER went well and in the 3  exams, Nige scored 90% in Radar Theory, 81% in Lidar (Light Detection and Ranging)  – I know, I know……….. I have no idea either – and 100% in Radar Maths. Must have had an awesome Maths tutor!

So the study has now been abandoned in favour of the lounge room

plus we’re enjoying dinner a lot more (did I mention that Nigel is a much better cook than I?) and at around 8pm instead of after 10!

Long gone too are the afternoon Maths study sessions, accompanied by a choice of home-made pesto, smoked oysters and mussels, Camembert,  nuts, crackers or the mandatory  twiggy sticks. And of course wine……… obviously the ONLY way to study.

In fact, Nigel became so darned good at Maths that we’re now considering new afternoon study sessions revising his HSC Maths paper questions (yes I agree – definitely a hoarder! Seriously, who keeps their HSC papers?)

……..just joking. Time to get back into the drone and the guitar and the occasional night out!!

I say ‘occasional’ because while Bowie has shed a lot of his “home alone” Border Collie anxieties (no more giant craters in the yard), he is very much a pack animal and  night-time outings are a different matter.

At 18 months he’s still a puppy, who loves his squeaky toys but he’s also showing his father’s Blue Heeler guarding traits. Night times, he’s definitely happier when everyone is under lock and key and there’s no more need for him to walk the wall.

Besides, getting up with the sun after going to bed at midnight really does have a shelf life and while young Nige is not there yet, I’m more than happy to crawl into bed long before the party’s over.

2 thoughts on “Ain’t Gonna study Law no more”

  1. Did I miss something important? Do you guys have a drone, as in “Time to get back into the drone and the guitar”?
    Congratulations to Nigel and his excellent math’s tutor!


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