48 Pizzas

One of our first decisions after arriving in Cobar was to celebrate the arrival every month with take-away pizzas. We gave ourselves 3 days’ grace – in case one of us was away or, heaven forbid, it was Monday and the Pizza Chef had the night off – so now the ‘official ruling’ is Pizzas will be eaten on the 23rd (the day we left Paradise) or the 24th (the day we arrived in Cobar) or the 25th (the day we woke up in Cobar) of each month of our 4-year tenure. Last night was Chicken and Bacon (Kaye) and Perri Perri Chicken (Nigel). Thank you to The Great Western Pizza Chef! ……….. and still 46 pizzas to go.


Of course Cobar has few of the ‘disadvantages’ of smaller remote towns……… well, apart from the price of groceries………. so there’s really no need for milestones to remind us of the passage of time. Four years will no doubt fly by.

Another of our favourite ‘milestones’ (read ‘things to look forward to’) is always the arrival of visitors. Outback towns depend on tourism to boost their economy and there’s the added bonus of dog sitters – just joking.

So this is an open invitation to all our city slicker friends, family and neighbours to come to Copper City where, according to Tripadvisor, the best attractions are Cobar Miners Heritage Park (aka Bowie’s Park);

Great Cobar Heritage Centre (5 minutes down the road);


Mount Grenfell Historic Site (a tad further down the road – unfortunately 72 kms on dirt roads equates to a 2 hour drive!!);

(Sorry no photos but thank you to Ilya Genkin for the previous photo….. apparently taken at Christmas)

Fort Bourke Lookout (literally just out of town)

and Cobar Memorial Swimming Pool (although, perhaps not in Winter and, again, thank you to Tripadvisor for the photo).


The list will hopefully grow once we’re allowed to get out and about more often. Unfortunately, our last punishment for lunch away from home was an embarrassingly huge hole in the front yard (remember the landlord owns the house next door). Our solution, being the irresponsible parents that we are, is now to either go out separately or take a rather highly-strung Border Collie puppy with us wherever we go.

DSC_0134 (2)

Last week the local visitor population swelled by two when Callum (favourite grandson) and Claire (beautiful girlfriend) turned up in town after a very long train and coach trip. Apart from allowing me some free time away from Bowie (aka devil dog), it was a lot of fun to see sights like winter sunsets and emus foraging in the high school grounds through their eyes.

Bowie, of course, was absolutely besotted and spent most mornings playing chasings with balls, plastic bottles (how else would you play soccer?) and cardboard boxes.

We managed to tick off a couple of items on the Tripadvisor list but I think the most fun they had was exploring and taking photos of the rugged bushland. In fact, I might just let Callum and Claire show you around outback Cobar. He’s turning into quite the photographer!

2 thoughts on “48 Pizzas”

  1. Fantastic prose from a master of her craft. The images conveyed in this blog are photographic. Sensational,bravo.


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