Goodbye Farewell Adieu

So here we sit, surrounded by cardboard cartons, sipping Champagne (Kaye) and drinking beer (Nigel) and pondering the last two and a half years that was Ivanhoe.  We’re leaving here tomorrow with mixed emotions and although it was always meant to be a stepping-stone to get to Paradise Beach, there are many people, places and events that we’ll miss.

Last Saturday, we held a hasty last minute farewell at the local pub and despite the roads being closed due to rain, we managed to say goodbye to  a few of the locals.

The last couple of weeks have actually been very hectic, with Kaye working (casually) right up to the day that we’re due to leave and Nigel being left to deal with removalists, mail and last minute furniture transactions.

So here’s what we’ll miss (or not) about Ivanhoe:

Miss                                                                 Won’t miss

Good friends                                                   Blow flies

Sunsets                                                            Dust storms

Starting work at 9am                                      Late night call-outs

Pub and club within walking distance           Arresting the ‘neighbours’

Doing our own roster                                      420 kms to visit the vet

And, of course, there are all those lovely values that go with living in the country, like breaking down on the Cobb Highway and knowing that someone will stop to help. There will be mixed emotions when tomorrow afternoon comes around.

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