Just add water

So what do you get when you cross a dust storm and a rain cloud?

It literally rains mud! This was Friday’s “weather event”.

On the other hand, what do you get when you add water to red dirt and dead gardens? Well, a million green weeds of course.

Sadly, the yards currently consist of red dust, lots of gravel, thriving weeds and struggling grass but, remembering the photos sent by the property manager – clearly showing a green grassy front lawn – I’m determined to restore them to their former glory.

In fact, we’ve literally been doing the “hard yards” – front and back yards that is – for a couple of months now, preparing a sleeper garden bed, removing gravel, rocks and stones from the lawns and ‘sparingly’watering in preparation for grass seeds.

We jumped the gun slightly with the front garden when the landlord expressed concern that our newly “acquired” railway sleepers might contain white ants and said sleepers were quietly dispatched (via Cobar Buy Sell Swap) in favour of treated pine sleepers, purchased on our last trip to the coast (no Hardware stores in Cobar!!).


Undeterred (read slightly crazy), we’ve continued to water, rake and repair – even building a bridge of bricks to get to the clothesline, soles intact -but sadly, while the weeds are thriving the grass remains sparse and struggles to survive.

The next problem has been the heap of blue metal and plumbers’ gravel, which lies just below the surface of the lawns, preventing future grass seeds from germinating. Enter Plan B…. while Nigel is at work, I’ve been gradually ridding the yards of sticks and stones by stashing a bag or two into the bin (coals to Newcastle?) so that they can find their new forever homes at the tip.

Such is the lot of an extreme gardener!! Perhaps it’s time to admit defeat…… just joking. It seems there are two camps when it comes to front yards in Cobar.  One camp can’t help themselves and meticulously cares for a high maintenance lawn (guess which camp I’m in)


while the other has chosen to get rid of grass in favour of gravel or concrete or both.


…….. and many a tall fence has been built to hide the neglected Council strip so they never have to look at it.


And when you come to visit, be warned. Venturing outside the front yard may be painful!!



2 thoughts on “Just add water”

  1. Yet again your super powers as a wordsmith have come to the fore to enthral the masses. What a story,what a document of our times. History will have its say when all is said and done. Think Hawthorne,Melville, Fitzgerald and Homer and now add Matthews.


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