Cop Humour

When Nigel started HWP training in Cobar it was refreshing to find a like-minded colleague in Detective Greg. From the start, there’s been a friendly – if somewhat twisted – rivalry between Cobar highway patrol and Cobar detectives.

Starting with a photo of children’s crayons, pinned to the Highway Patrol office door (remember, Nigel was in training)…………

the one-upmanship games continued with mock newspaper cuttings, ads for specialist detective services and the like …….

The pièce de résistance was  a re-worked post regarding the new detectives’ badge. Here’s the original article ……. followed by our version

New ID for detectives

For several years now, there has been a growing divide within the NSW Police Force between rank and file officers and those, who would call themselves detectives. The problem seems to have arisen from a difference of opinion where detectives see themselves as modern day superheroes – an elite group of masterminds, far exceeding the abilities of the rank and file – while the rest of the Force regard them as elitist narcissists – no different from any other police officer. However, a recent compromise threatens to drive that rift even further when, in November, a new detective badge will be rolled out.

Deputy Commissioner Investigations & Counter Terrorism Dave Hudson said, “The badge is to recognise the criminal investigation profession and to show, once and for all, that detectives are super police. Credit must be given to the Detectives Board, who have fought long and hard for this well-overdue recognition of its members”.

When questioned as to why the original demand was for a gold-plated badge he stated “While gold would be the material of choice, reflecting the caliber of these officers, we appreciate that times are tough and the general public might think that the funds could be better spent elsewhere”.

This sentiment has put him at odds with the state’s top police officer, Mick Fuller, who has always condemned the demand. In the past he has stated, “while I respect the work that most detectives do, there are too many under-achieving officers – especially in rural areas, who do very little towards crime management. According to sources within the Commissioner’s office, he only recently acquiesced when he learned that he would be given badge number 007.

Above Commissioner Mick Fuller APM was presented with CI Badge no 007. Sources say that it was the final inducement for approving the new badge.

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