Merry Christmas 2018!

Driving around town, it seems that the grey nomads have moved on to cooler climates and the caravans have been replaced with Christmas decorations. Cobar is nothing if not welcoming and the number of festivals and events that are celebrated would put some larger towns to shame.

I was reading my online copy of the Cobar Weekly and came across an article, which really demonstrated the Christmas spirit so I’ve stolen part of the article to include below:

“Eurobodalla Shire Council plans to donate 75 per cent of the $44,065 raised at their Raindance fundraisers last month to Cobar. Originally the two shires were going to share the proceeds 50-50 however, at a recent Council meeting, Eurobodalla Shire Cr Lindsay Brown proposed a 75-25 split saying there was a lot of support from their community for most of the money to go to Cobar”.

After reading this, I’ve decided that my New Year’s resolution is to become more of a “glass half full” person. 2019 will be about more thankfulness and less complaining…………………………………Hmmm let’s see how that goes.

I’ll leave you with more stolen morsels from the Weekly – images of the festivals, celebrations and decorations that make Cobar special. Have a happy and safe Christmas.

PS. I’ve been trying to remember whether I told everyone but just to be sure, there’s no landline at the Shack while we’re in the outback so if we’re holidaying there, you’ll have to reach us on our mobiles.

One thought on “Merry Christmas 2018!”

  1. I like the last photo!
    If we ever come to Cobar (which we might not, seeing we’re unlike the ‘grey’ 😉 nomad tribe who visit and my own regrowth appointment is this Friday), I’d like to buy a couple of T-shirts!


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