Signs of the Times

Tomorrow I’m off to New Zealand to catch up with my son, daughter in law and beautiful granddaughter, who’s on school holidays.

So I’ve been doing a fair bit of multi-tasking including planning and packing for the flight across the Ditch (“Sorry but there’s a glitch in the new system and we can’t reserve your seats” – Aaaaah!), compiling our first roster (Yes the good sergeant is now letting us do the roster!) and the usual high maintenance running / entertaining of one devil dog.

Added to that, there’s been the mandatory online training that goes with confirmation of elections work (early voting plus election day) requiring studying around 300 instructional screens and videos as well as the accompanying flaming hoops of the police check (4 mandatory pieces of ID plus a ‘selfie’ while holding one of said pieces).

While I like to think that I can walk and chew gum with the best of them, it seems that, in this instance I’ve failed miserably and the Blog has been all but forgotten.

So instead of the usual ‘Notice me! Notice me!’ rant, here’s a quick and very random compilation of Cobar’s ‘signs of the times’, including some from the mining museum- contrary to previously uninformed proclamations it really is worth a visit!!


2 thoughts on “Signs of the Times”

    1. Thanks guys. Sorry I had no roaming and couldn’t reply from NZ. Things didn’t go exactly to plan but it was great to catch up with my family across the Ditch and, as pilots apparently say, any landing that you walk away from is a good landing!


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