Western Exposure

It’s funny how you never have a camera when you need one. We went for a shopping trip to Hillston today (3 hr round trip plus lunch and shopping) and, for the first time, didn’t take the Bear. This was the first time that he’d been left at home so it was quite a traumatic experience ……. and the Bear didn’t like it either.


The trouble is that he seems to dislike long trips in the new car. In fact, he becomes quite agitated and despite trying different rugs, mats and hammocks we can’t dissuade him from wanting to get into the front and sit on my lap.

I’m sure he wishes we had never sold the Ford and that he could go back to ute surfing but it’s just too dusty out here. Speaking of dust, I could have taken some great photos of road trains coming at us in a cloud of dust – absolutely spectacular!

Anyway, we were about to drive off, leaving one nose and two paws planted firmly under the side gate, when I remembered the camera. But having done the teary farewells already (only dog lovers will understand) we were loath to go back and get it.

So of course, apart from the spectacular road trains in clouds of dust, we also saw more emus than we’d ever seen before, running along next to the car……… Next time!

It’s funny  the trivial things that you remember seemingly out of the blue. For example, just before we left the Coast, we sent our camera off to be repaired. After 2 weeks, the repairer found nothing wrong with it and sent it back. Then about 2 weeks after arriving in Ivanhoe, the camera wouldn’t work again (and not a repairer in sight).

It was then that I remembered a conversation, months ago, where I’d been discussing my camera problems with Year 12 Maths (as you do) and one of the students told me that he’d taken his camera in with a similar problem (lens ‘jamming’) and the repairer had banged it on the counter, which had fixed it!

So, in the absence of any camera repair people for 400 km, I decided to try it and voila! It worked!

PS At last the quote for the new septic tank has been approved! Kenny and team (not his real name but have you seen the movie?) are currently in town working on Aboriginal housing for a month and everyone can see the sense of doing it now rather than later, when he’s left town. Kenny actually lives in Mildura but travels, with his team, up and down the interior of NSW and beyond – dragging huge earthworks machinery as well as loads of rocks for the pits plus all manner of concrete shapes and sizes of pipes (travelling plumbers – who knew?). Of course, the costs are incredibly huge and so I have to say a big Thank you to Police Housing or admin or whoever actually came up with the funding. We will soon be able to look our neighbours in the eye!



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