They say that 95% of New South Welshmen have never been west of the Blue Mountains. In fact, a lot of people think that the Blue Mountains are “the west”. We were those people.

But now, after two police tenures at special remote locations, we’ve learned a lot about what locals call the back country and what makes it so special.

This blog has been written in diary format –  based on emails sent to family and friends while living in the two outback towns of Ivanhoe and Enngonia. For privacy reasons, I’ve changed the names of the locals so you won’t guess who’s who if you visit. I’ve also re-named our home town on the mid north coast but otherwise and for authenticity, events and experiences are as they happened.

PS apologies for all the comments left by my darling husband, who believes that no one else will read this blog (probably true) and therefore I need all the encouragement I can get!


After vowing to stay put in Paradise for good, the call of the bush has once again beckoned and we are now settled in Cobar for a four-year tenure, during which time Nigel will re-train (from general duties to highway patrol) and all those highway patrol jokes will come back to bite him!