Regrets, we’ve had a few……

Not the least of which is that, with no certainty regarding Nigel’s transfer date (Yes, still) we’ve been unable to take bookings and are potentially losing $400 per night.

Thankfully Nigel’s inspector (No, not the one on the coast) agreed that if the transfer came up in December, he’d negotiate for a January move.

So, even though most people like to book early, we were lucky enough to score three last minute bookings….. which is actually the reason for this blog.

If there are any Australian followers, who are unaffected by the current energy prices and can therefore afford it (let’s face it, we couldn’t afford to stay there) we’d like to offer you 5 nights from December 18 (I know….. very short notice) to December 23 for $1500.

Basically you’d be saving $100 a night and at this time of year, $300 per night is actually cheaper than the cabins in the caravan park two doors away.

If anyone is tempted, there’s more information and photos here (Paradise Beach revealed!).

But to get the discount you’ll need to book directly through the property manager on 02 6559 2222.

Merry Christmas to all!

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