Just a note to say that the plumbers have started installation of the new septic tanks (Yay!)

DSC03995On a less positive note, we’re having some ongoing issues with our broadband and apparently we need another technician to come back. (Darn!) Unfortunately, the earliest appointment date is October so I’ll actually be able to send this email as well as photos some time in October.

Interestingly, phone conversations to our telco usually reach a stage where the person on the other end suddenly goes silent and at this point you realise that they’re probably staring at a phone bill for the whole NSW Police Force. The silence is usually followed by a comment like “This is way above my pay grade…..”. I’ve never asked and they’ve never offered any kind of description of what the bill actually says but it’s happened a few times and they almost always can’t wait to pass us on to one of their superiors.

On a brighter note, tomorrow Nigel and Jackson will head to Mildura for weapons training so while they’re taking the police car, we’ll tag along in the little red wagon for shopping (me) and swimming (the Bear).


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