Good News Bad News

So after weeks of failing, only to “come good” the minute anyone arrived to fix it, our ducted evaporative cooler has finally died.

In a stroke of good luck (in a weird kind of way) it actually failed while the last repairman was here. With no way of diagnosing the problem until it stopped working, he was about to write down his phone number – with instructions to ring him immediately it happened again – when low and behold, it stopped. What are the chances? I’m crediting that to Divine intervention!

Said repairman (Mick) also warned us not to turn it back on “in case it catches fire”. Hmm……… not quite what we were hoping for!

So in the meantime, while we wait for the landlord’s decision on whether she should spend the money on repairs or invest in a new air conditioner or two, the property manager has given us a window version, which needs to be dragged from room to room and window to window and works great if you sit immediately in front of it…. or possibly on top of it.

With temperatures regularly in the thirties and forties, the problem is that one small air conditioner just doesn’t cut it….. Hmm I may have been slightly hasty with my New Year’s resolution and there it is!!! Did you notice? I went from no complaining to “Woe is me!” in a matter of weeks. So much for the New Year’s resolution!

Speaking of cutting, and on a much happier note, my cancerversary went a lot better than my last panicked appointment (Note to self: Dr Google doesn’t necessarily give the best medical advice when you think your cancer may have returned!) In fact, if all goes well, then in two check-ups’ time, I’ll be declared cancer-free and, according to Dr Otton, he’ll “cut me loose” …. is that a surgeon’s joke?


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