What was I thinking?

Nigel Robert is my ‘go to’ person for everything from “Am I being unreasonable?” or “should I apologise?” to “would I enjoy this movie?”

In fact, he knows me so well that I’ve saved countless hours avoiding crappy movies that he knows I’d hate.

As a sounding board for my Blog, he has one simple rule to follow – be ruthless – and it seems to work. But this time, he was out on the highway and well out of mobile phone range so I decided I’d go ahead and publish without him.

What was I thinking? Apparently my last Blog wasn’t an insight into human nature, nor was it particularly funny or even interesting. No! It was boring!!!

So, if anyone read it before I deleted it, I’ll just say that the CAMPER TRAILER HAS NOW SOLD!!!! and then we can all move on…….. but not before one last attempt at being funny……


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