Back in Singapore

Well, I’m back at Number one son’s computer in Singapore but at least this time the keyboard is set to English (last time it was German) and I can now find the apostrophe.

Firstly apologies for the huge email that I sent from Lightning Ridge and apparently forgot to resize the photos….. it didn’t even fit in some of your mail boxes so huge humble apologies that!

Callum and I have had a bit of a whirlwind trip and between us we’ve managed to fit in quite a lot of tourist attractions including Singapore’s famous Botanic Gardens.

Other sight-seeing included the Dinosaur Exhibition, Little India, Singapore Zoo, Sentosa Aquarium, China Town, Gardens by the Bay and even the Light Show, which Nigel and I missed last time. We did it all by public transport and I’m proud to say that we never once got lost…… although I must admit that my grandson has a much better idea when it comes to all things directional!

There were also the mandatory swims in the pool every afternoon – usually after shopping – as well as a chance encounter with a rather large water dragon that luckily decided that it didn’t want to cross our path after all!

Now, there’s just one more sleep before we head off to the airport tomorrow night. It’s been fun catching up (and being spoilt) but now I’m looking forward to some winter weather again. After years in the outback, this humidity has become quite foreign to me, if you’ll excuse the pun.

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