Emu vs Challenger

Okay so this is nothing new to people, who know me but let me just say that it’s versus…. NOT verses. In fact, the word is Latin and means “against” (Saints versus Bulldogs)… so PLEASE, sports commentators, STOP using it as a verb (Saints will verse Bulldogs) because it just makes you look silly! Now that the rant is over, on with the diary entry!

So after two weeks and 5 dental appointments, 1 vet appointment, 1 trip to Sydney, 1 trip to the Central Coast, 1 trip to Medowie, some quality catch-ups with friends and rels and 1 close encounter of the avian kind (emu vs Challenger) we’ve arrived back in Enngonia with only 4 months of tenure left. Bring it on!!

BTW We almost didn’t get compensation for the car repairs because the insurance assessor didn’t believe that all that damage was caused by an emu (it hit the front driver’s side and then bounced along the car, hitting at least three times). Thank goodness we took (mobile phone) photos showing the date of the accident. When we produced them, he quickly backed down….. Nice try though!

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