Time for a ‘C’ change?

So with all the apparent tree changes of late and real estate prices going through the roof, is anyone interested in a C change? C for Cobar, that is.

And before we get to the photos, can I just have a little rant?

First of all, when ex-hubby and I bought our first house it was one-bedroom and, literally, “in the sticks”. As teachers, it was all we could afford but we loved it. Despite being miles (not kilometres in those days) from the CBD it was our little piece of Paradise.

Secondly, why do so many first home buyers expect to start at the top, with a 4 bedroom mansion complete with study, family room and outdoor living areas? And let’s not forget, it has to be within walking distance of Circular Quay. Okay…. maybe a slight exaggeration.

Lastly, why do Councils encourage ‘bigger and better’ building applications? Are you even allowed to build a one-bedroom house nowadays? Just saying…

The other day, I came across this little gem in Cobar. It’s on the market for $325,000 and Yes, that is a very long way away but if you’d like a bush change and you’re retired or maybe you’re looking for an affordable rental investment, you can check it out here


or here


I can’t even buy a 2 bedroom villa on the coast for under $400,000 (believe me, I’ve been trying!).

Rant over….. and No, I don’t know the owner….. but Yes, I do love the house. Enjoy the photos.

2 thoughts on “Time for a ‘C’ change?”

    1. Hi Kevin. Yes and also Enngonia. We loved our time at both tenures. It’s a pity they’re so hard to staff. I know it’s not for everyone but our first tenure (Ivanhoe) was also supposed to be our last…. until the lure of the bush beckoned us back. I reckon there are a lot of cops who’d be surprised how quickly they came to enjoy the tenure.


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